Since its introduction the Star Adventurer has been at the forefront of the lightweight, portable astro-imaging revolution. And now, with the Star Adventurer GTi, we take the next step with full Go-To performance in a compact package.

The exciting new Star Adventurer GTi features a built-in illuminated polar scope for precision alignment, interfaces for USB, autoguider, optional SynScan hand controller, and SNAP shutter control for your DSLR (programmable via Sky-Watcher’s free SynScan Pro app for iOS and Android). The Star Adventurer GTi also includes a dual-position counterweight for use at low latitudes as well as full smartphone control via Wi-Fi. 

With the added Go-To feature plus multiple tracking rates including lunar, solar, and sidereal, the heavens are yours to capture and explore.

With its 5kg payload capacity, the Star Adventurer GTi is well-equipped to handle your DLSR or mirrorless camera sporting a wide-angle or telephoto lens plus accessories, a small aperture astrograph with a dedicated astronomy camera, or simply an OTA for visual use via its 45mm dovetail saddle.

The Star Adventurer GTi is the perfect mount for the astro-photographer that wants the ultimate in both performance and portability.

(The Star Adventurer GTi is also available complete with tripod and pier extension, code 20327).

Product features:

  • Controller: Via Wi-Fi using free SynScan App for iOS and Android devices or Synscan Hand Controller (available separately)
  • SynScan App Database: Total 10,000+ Objects. Deep Sky Objects: 10759, including Messier, NGC, IC, Caldwell Catalogues, Named DSOs, Named Stars: 305, Double Stars: 55, Solar system objects: 7 planets, Sun , Moon. (Unlimited objects when working with a 3rd party planetarium software).
  • SynScan App's Other Features:  Tonight's Best Sky Tour, Point and Go with a mobile device, Identification of Celestial Objects, Remote control over Internet, User defined objects, Pointing Accuracy Enhancement (PAE)
  • Tracking rates: Sidereal, Solar and Lunar
  • Built in polar scope with illuminator
  • Dual counterweight positions for use at low latitudes
  • Latitude  Adjustment 0~70°
  • Interfaces: USB, ST4 Auto-guiding, SynScan Hand Control Port (Synscan handset available separately), DSLR Shutter Release Port, Built-in Wi-Fi Module
  • Compatible with 3/8" tripod thread
  • 45mm Dovetail Saddle
  • Free firmware upgrades
  • Supplied with 2.3kg Counterweight 
  • Counterweight  Bar: 20mm diameter, steel
  • R.A. worm gear 180 teeth,  92.5mm diameter. R.A. wheel  gear 15.8mm  diameter
  • Dec worm gear 144  teeth, 73.6mm diameter. Dec wheel gear 10.8mm  diameter
  • DC Servo Motors
  • Resolution RA: 0.35 arc-second;  Dec: 0.44 arc-second
  • Power Supply: 8 x AA internal battery pack (batteries not included) or external 12v DC source 
  • Payload Capacity 5kg (11 lb)
  • Mount head weight 2.6Kg




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