Helios 5-Year Limited Warranty



(Applicable to selected Helios branded products only, products with this warranty are marked accordingly on their Optical Vision Ltd website pages)


Helios products are precision instruments manufactured using high quality workmanship and materials and should provide you with many years of use. 

In the event it becomes necessary to return the product under warranty (Important: please refer to warranty terms and exclusions below) please do so as follows:-

In YEAR ONE return the product with your purchase receipt to the dealer from where it was originally purchased.

AFTER YEAR ONE please send the product, securely packed, to Optical Vision Ltd, Unit 3 Woolpit Business Park, Woolpit, Bury St.Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 9UP with your purchase receipt. Please enclose a covering note describing the fault and include your address and contact details.



1) During the first THREE years from the date of purchase, your product will be repaired free of charge. The cost of parts and labour will be covered by us. We reserve the right to repair or replace parts as necessary at our sole discretion.

2) During the next TWO years responsibility for the cost of PARTS will be borne by us but the corresponding LABOUR cost will be charged to the customer accordingly. An estimate for labour costs will be provided for your acceptance.

In the event that a product has been discontinued, we reserve the right to replace the product with a similar product of similar value.

Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to cover the cost of returning a faulty product to us within the warranty period. Carriage charges after repair are only covered by Optical Vision Ltd for deliveries within the UK, carriage charges to other locations are payable by the customer prior to despatch. 

Exclusions: Please note that eyecups, neck straps, rubber coatings & coverings, painted and anodised surfaces, cases and other accessories are not covered by the extended warranty as these are subject to normal wear and tear. Optical misalignment (image distortion or double-image caused by dislodging of prisms) is also not covered under the warranty as this will only happen if the product has been subject to a shock or has been dropped. Problems arising because of misuse, accidental damage, water penetration (excluding waterproof models), invasion of dust/dirt, cleaning and damage caused by cleaning is also excluded. The warranty offered is not transferable should the product change ownership.

This warranty is offered in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights.



Helios Mistral-WP6 Binocular Range: 8x32, 10x32, 8x42, 8x42ED, 10x42, 10x42ED, 12x42, 10x50, 10x50ED, 12x50

Helios Sirocco-II Binocular Range: 8x42 & 10x42

Helios Nitrosport Binocular Range: 8x26, 10x26, 8x34, 10x34, 8x42, 10x42, 10x50, 12x50

Helios Lightwing HR Range: 8x32, 10x32, 8x42, 8x42ED, 10x42, 10x42ED

Helios Fieldmaster-ED82DS Spotting Scope

Helios Fieldmaster-ED85DS Spotting Scope



Helios binoculars and telescopes are precision optical instruments and should be looked after to help maintain their condition and performance.

  • When not in use always store your product in its protective case, with lens covers attached to protect the instrument from dirt, dust and shocks
  • Always use the supplied binocular neck strap – this will help to prevent damage if the binoculars are dropped accidentally. Routinely check the strap for wear and tear and that it is securely attached.
  • Always pick up your product using a secure grip.
  • Never leave your product in direct sunlight or subject the instrument to extremes of temperature for long periods.
  • Do not transport or store your product in the glove compartment or unsecured in the boot of your car as the car’s movement can impart shocks to your instrument. Also extremes of temperature can build up in a car.
  • Products which are not designated as waterproof should not be used in wet weather conditions or be allowed to come into contact with any liquid.
  • Products designated as waterproof are suitable for use in wet weather conditions but should not be intentionally submerged in any liquid.
  • Touching lens surfaces with your fingers should be avoided.

Cleaning of your product

  • Do not allow dust and dirt to accumulate on the lenses. This should be carefully removed using an air-blower and a soft lens brush. Wiping a lens with particles of dirt on it can scratch and damage lens coatings and surfaces.
  • Stubborn smears can be removed by applying a small amount of a suitable lens cleaning fluid to a micro-fibre lens cloth and gently wiping the lens surface.
  • When the lens surfaces are free from dust and dirt, fog the lenses with your breath and gently wipe with a soft micro-fibre lens cloth.




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