TAL Telescopes


TAL astronomical telescopes require no introduction. Since their appearance on the market they have been recommended and highly rated by knowledgeable astronomers and the astronomy press worldwide. Manufactured and designed in Russia to exacting standards, they are characterised by their excellent optics, exceptionally robust build-quality and precision engineering, no matter which size of model you choose. 

Despite their high quality, they are in fact surprisingly competitively priced, often costing significantly less than, and outperforming competing telescopes of other makes. Furthermore, they are usually supplied with many useful accessories which are expensive extras on many competing brands.This strong combination of performance and value has brought these high quality scientific instruments into the homes of countless thousands of satisfied users all over the world.

There are several different Telescope Designs in the TAL astronomical telescope range.  The TAL-100RS achromatic Refractor Telescope excels for double-star and planetary observations. The exceptional quality of the optics makes this telescope’s performance comparable to models from other brands costing considerably more. The Klevsov-Cassegrain telescope models are compact yet powerful optical systems. The original and unique catadioptric non-aspherical system presents a radical new form of catadioptric telescope that combines the compactness of a Schmidt-Cassegrain with similar enviable high resolution image quality and contrast of modern Maksutov designs- superb instruments for astrophotography, as well as for the observation of planets and deep-sky objects. The TAL range is available as OTA’s or complete with a choice of Telescope Mountings. A wide range of Astronomical Telescope Accessories is available to upgrade these telescopes.

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