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  • Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS"I have used a great number of telescopes; some are good, some mediocre and some bad. To me the Sky-Watcher range of instruments are very good indeed, and suited to amateurs of all kinds – and they are not priced out of the market! Excellent value.
    Use them and enjoy them."
    Sir Patrick Moore CBE FRS (1923 to 2012)

Telescopes for Astronomy: Sky-Watcher – Where Quality Comes First

Sky-Watcher is a First-Class, market-leading astronomical telescope brand offering an incredible range of high quality astronomical telescopes and telescope accessories, catering for users of all age groups and abilities, from the novice right up to the serious advanced astronomer.

Sky-Watcher astronomical telescopes perfectly integrate modern optical technology with precision mechanical engineering resulting in designs of superb functionality, versatility and uncompromising levels of performance.

There are many different telescope designs and ranges available:

For a young child, the Infinity-76P Parabolic Reflector Telescope would make an ideal first telescope gift to take their first steps into astronomy. The new Auto-Tracking Series motorised telescope models are both ideal for the beginner as well as those who would like a telescope that can be also for terrestrial daytime use. The unique and ultra-portable range of Tabletop Telescopes with their carrying cases are ideal for use on camping trips and trips overseas etc. Our best-selling range of Skyhawk & Explorer Newtonian Reflectors and Skyliner Dobsonian telescope models offer excellent all-round performance on all types of astronomical object, and the best aperture-to-price ratio (more precious light gathering for a given price). The compact, portable, yet high-power Skymax Maksutov-Cassegrain and Skymax PRO-Series telescope models excel for the detailed viewing of planets. They also provide upright images, making them useful also for daytime long-range terrestrial observations. The classical Mercury, Capricorn & Evostar range of long-tube refractors provide excellent results when viewing the planets. The range of  Startravel short-tube refractors are more suited to viewing deep-sky objects and wide field astrophotography, with some excellent results. Their short focal ratios also make them ideal for daytime terrestrial use and as telephoto lenses for photographic use.

The state-of-the-art Skywatcher PRO-Series Evostar & Equinox ED Apochromatic Refractors provide ultimate colour-corrected performance for planetary and deep-sky imaging. The Equinox ED Refractors can also be used as high-performance spotting scopes and telephoto photographic lenses for birdwatching and daytime nature studies. All refractors, used with a star diagonal or erecting prism provide upright images, making them suitable for terrestrial use.
Sky-Watcher telescopes can be purchased as Optical Tube Assemblies only (OTA’s) or complete with a variey of Telescope Mountings. There are different models of computerised Go-To robotic equatorial mounts which can automatically locate night-sky objects, the classical manually-operated German equatorial mounting and Alt-Azimuth Mounts.
Please take a look at our Astronomical Gallery to see some of the wonderful images taken with Sky-Watcher telescopes. In our Customer Support section, you will be able to download useful Magazine Reviews, Guides & Instruction Manuals.
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