Nirvana-ES™ UWA-82° 4mm/7mm/16mm High-Performance Eyepieces (1.25"/31.7mm)

Experience Ultrawide Eyepiece 'Heaven'!!

Nirvana-ES™   UWA-82°  4mm/7mm/16mm High-Performance Eyepieces (1.25''/31.7mm)
SRP: £89.99

:  - £99.99

Product Code:  20972, 20973, 20974
Brand:  OVL


These top quality ultra wide angle 1.25” eyepieces offer an incredible jaw-dropping viewing experience to rival some of the leading premium eyepieces on the market, but at an extremely competitive price. The huge 82 degree apparent field of view, superb field-edge correction and excellent contrast combine to provide a wonderfully immersive and memorable viewing experience. Work superbly in telescopes of all focal lengths. All models are constructed with 7 lens elements in 4 separate groups. These exotic eyepiece models feature large eye-lens elements and soft fold-down rubber eyecups for comfortable viewing. All models are fully broadband multi-coated, feature blackened lens edges, internal baffling and are parfocal. 12mm eye relief on all models. Beautifully finished in high-gloss anodized aluminium with knurled rubber grips. Threaded to accept standard 1.25” filters. Weight approx 170g.

(Please note these eyepieces incorporate the same optics and coatings as the previous Nirvana eyepiece models but with a slightly different mechanical design)

Model Prod. Code SRP
Nirvana 4mm UWA-82degree 1.25” High Performance Eyepiece 20972 £89.99  
Nirvana 7mm UWA-82 degree 1.25” High Performance Eyepiece 20973 £89.99    
Nirvana 16mm UWA-82 degree 1.25” High Performance Eyepiece 20974 £99.99   


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