Acuter Newtony 50


Acuter Newtony 50
Acuter Newtony 50Acuter Newtony 50Acuter Newtony 50Acuter Newtony 50
SRP: £39.99

Product Code:  10998
Brand:  Acuter


► Great For Learning

► Take Photos of the Stars

► See How it Works Inside

► Compact & Portable

The Acuter Newtony 50 is a complete fully functional telescope set with the added benefit of a removable discovery panel which reveals the fascinating internal construction of a Newtonian optical system, to give an understanding of how it works. This compact and portable telescope is great for observing, learning & taking photos of the stars with your smartphone, to keep a record of your observations.

The set includes a 50mm Diameter f=200 Newtonian Telescope, a 20x (10mm) Eyepiece, a Projection Eyepiece, a Smartphone Adaptor (smartphone not included) and a Table Top Tripod. Supplied in an attractive colour gift box with carrying handle for easy transportation, and instructions for use.

The Newtonian name was given in honour of Isaac Newton (1643-1727), a British scientist who invented the reflector telescope. The Acuter Newtony 50 is the perfect way to follow in his footsteps in your discovery of the Universe!


Please Note: All images and video in the following YouTube upload have been made with the Maksy 60 Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope and a iPhone X. The Newtony 50 shows nearly the same results with a lower magnification.

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