Enhanced Dual Axis Handset For EQ3-2

(With ST-4 Autoguider Port)

Enhanced Dual Axis Handset For EQ3-2
SRP: £84.99

Product Code:  20303
Brand:  Sky-Watcher


The new enhanced handset has an ST-4 interface for an Auto-Guider, such as Sky-Watcher’s Synguider. Features selectable SOLAR, LUNAR and SIDEREAL tracking rates, plus additional selectable adjustment rates of 0.5x, 2x and 16x. Also the hand controller has a convenient facility to invert the direction of the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT handset keys, so you can have the same directions on the handset as you see through your telescope. Designed for use in both north and south hemispheres. Supplied with motor cables. (Please note this is a direct upgrade to the standard handset supplied with the EQ3-2 Dual-Axis Motor Drive Kit, code 20406)
Model Prod. Code Price
Enhanced Dual-Axis Handset for EQ3-2 (with ST-4 Auto-Guider Port) 20303 £84.99
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