Nirvana™ UWA-82° 4mm/7mm/16mm High-Performance Eyepieces (1.25"/31.7mm)

Experience Ultrawide Eyepiece 'Heaven'!!

Nirvana™ UWA-82°  4mm/7mm/16mm High-Performance Eyepieces (1.25''/31.7mm)
SRP: £99.00

:  - £105.00

Product Code:  20219, 20220, 20221, 20222
Brand:  OVL



These top quality ultra wide angle 1.25” eyepieces offer an incredible jaw-dropping viewing experience to rival some of the leading premium eyepieces on the market, but at an extremely competitive price. The huge 82 degree apparent field of view, superb field-edge correction and excellent contrast combine to provide a wonderfully immersive and memorable observational adventure. Work superbly in telescopes of all focal lengths. All models are constructed with 7 lens elements in 4 separate groups. These exotic eyepiece models feature large eye-lens elements and soft twist-up rubber eyecups for comfortable viewing. All models are fully broadband multi-coated, feature blackened lens edges, internal baffling and are parfocal. 12mm eye relief on all models. Beautifully finished in high-gloss anodized aluminium with knurled rubber grips. Threaded to accept standard 1.25” filters. Weight approx 200g.

Model Prod. Code Special Sale Price
Nirvana 4mm UWA-82degree 1.25” High Performance Eyepiece 20219 £99    
Nirvana 7mm UWA-82 degree 1.25” High Performance Eyepiece 20220 £99    
Nirvana 16mm UWA-82 degree 1.25” High Performance Eyepiece 20221 £105    
Nirvana 28mm UWA-82 degree 2” High Performance Eyepiece 20222 £189    
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